Immersion Activities

Shifting our focus away from “covering curriculum” to “making the world work” means that connecting the academic world with the world around it is a priority, not a luxury.  As with the Academic Block and Student-Directed Learning, if we see making this connection as something important then we must make time for it.

college-photo_20036.As such, we have integrated into the schedule Immersion Activities for students to participate in.  These Immersion Activities are run in conjunction with local businesses, colleges and universities, state and local agencies, etc., to create week-long immersion experiences.  These run the entire day, all week, and give students the chance to become fully immersed in activities and learning that connect with real-world jobs and experiences.  They meet experts, try out new skills, and work with different groups of students and non-traditional educators.

Some examples of week-long immersions include:

  • Foreign-Language Camps
  • NASA Simulations
  • Robo-Rallies
  • Short Film Academy Awards
  • Crime Scene Investigations
  • Interior Design Competitions
  • Fashion Shows
  • One-Act Play Scripting, Rehearsing, and Performance
  • Game/App Design
  • Zombie Apocalypse Simulation
  • Sim City/World Game

The possibilities for these immersion activities come directly from the imagination and creativity of the community and the school.

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